This is the mission of SALLY: Ensure all autonomous robotics possess perfect disposition to serve and protect humanity. SALLY creates trust between customers and manufacturers in the future of autonomous industrial workforce systems.

A SALLY can map your jobsite, remember what objects look like, and associate those objects with a designated place. A SALLY can work in any conditions, saving you liability costs. Only a SALLY can sense and interact safely with humans doing any job.


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Culver City, CA

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We are the proving ground for the autonomous industrial robotic worker (SALLY).

SALLYs outperform against a human  reaction time standard.

SALLY is a story by Isaac Asimov about the first droid with a perfect disposition toward human life. She is the standard we strive for.

To shape the 21st century by pushing the limits of the innovator, and inspire the next generation of engineers.

We are hiring experts in positronic mechanics that would like to contribute or build new technology.